MICE travel?

The acronym MICE stands for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. It is a niche area of ​​tourism that centers around planning and booking groups for large events, conferences or seminars.

It is an acronym that can easily cause confusion outside our industry and it’s easy to understand why. A quick gIt’s an acronym that can easily create confusion outside of our industry, and it’s easy to see why. A quick Google MICE search without the word “tourism” or “travel” is not surprising that there will be articles about the little rodent we all know.

Some people prefer to use the terms “meeting industry” or “event industry” instead of MICE, and it is believed that this is starting to emerge. This is not something we have noticed so much. Whatever you call it, it is an extremely demanding and specialized area of ​​the industry.

Planning for a MICE event can begin many years in advance. Sometimes the most prestigious locations are required with the most amazing requests for food and accommodation, not forgetting top level entertainment or activities for participants

Whether you are a small or a large company, the value of a top-notch MICE event organized to showcase your products, build new customer relationships, host a corporate event or reward employees for their hard work cannot be denied. For many, it is an investment and it is usually worth remembering about it.

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  • Providing full services
  • Professional and dedicated staff
  • Creative and feasible ideas
  • Flexible and customized program follow client demands
  • Variety of partners
  • Competitive cost
  • Onsite assiatance staff


  • Meeting, conference room with related facilities; Stage, back drop design, Visual equipments; Meeting materials, documents…
  • Domestic and international destinations venue; Tour package for sightseeing, inspection, incentive trip; Exclusive and customized program based on client demand; Specific solutions, ideas for different category of business field, group size
  • Event management with advise idea, agenda for different event; Service package from design to peration; Onsite assistance staff; Coordinate and manage associated partners
  • Team building with advise idea, message which suitable for company culture and demand; Variety of program for different targeted audiences; Indoor & Outdoor activities; Providing service package from solution to implementation
  • Advise proper venues for Gala dinner; Full range of visual equipment; MC and entertainments; Onsite and Catering; Souvenir gift production



From defining your objectives to setting out procedures and making sure it’s communicated well. Here’s where we can add value to you:
Benchmarking compliance – using traveler behavior analysis, we’ll make sure your policy gives you the edge. We can benchmark your corporate travel policy against your peers, so you can learn where improvements can help.

Policy review and development – Once you’ve created your corporate travel policy, we’ll work with you to ensure it keeps evolving to become even better, with employee suggestions, shifting supplier strategies, and new business travel patterns incorporated into updates.

Travel savings analysis – We’ll help you identify key corporate travel policy changes that may offer new opportunities for savings.

Supplier optimization –We work with suppliers in order to secure great rates on hotels, airfares and car rental. We can also help you negotiate with travel suppliers to ensure you’re getting the best possible prices.

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